Sumaleth's Coranto Help Pages.

How Coranto Works  
1. Add News
You start by adding news. Simple! But where does new news go?

2. The Coranto Database
News is saved into the Coranto Database. This is a text file called newsdat.txt. Each line in newsdat.txt is one item of news. The contents of newsdat.txt are only used by Coranto, you can't use the file directly on a web site.

3. Build News
When you Build News Coranto reads the news items newsdat.txt, processes the news items into "web content", and then saves the results into your news directory. How does it know what stuff you want on your site? Profiles!

4. Profiles
Each Profile builds one type of news. One profile might build full news, another headlines, and another might build just the latest news item. Profiles dictate what news items are included and their ordering, but not appearance and specific content; that's a job for - you guessed it - Styles!

5. Styles
Styles define the appearance and content of your news items, which I guess is what I just said. Styles tell Coranto what HTML code to use for each news item, and also what information to include.

6. Templates
Coranto builds news items, not complete web pages. These news items are intended to be included into your web page using SSI or PHP includes (or something similar). But by using Templates you can have Coranto build complete, web-viewable pages. Templates hold all the HTML code that goes above and below the news.

7. Output
So Coranto works through each Profile - using the selected Styles and adding Templates if used - and then saves the results to your News directory. A simple site might have a single news.txt, whereas a complex site can build hundreds of files.

8. Use The Built Files
It's up to you how you use the resulting files. The output from Profiles that used Templates will be instantly viewable with a web browser (.html files). For Profiles that didn't use Templates then the resulting .txt files need to be included into your web page (using SSI or PHP includes or something of that ilk).

Like I said; simple!

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